Balloon Tallinn is one of the most famous and unique Tallinn attractions. Balloon Tallinn is filled with helium and tethered to the ground. 30 people can fit into the gondola. High-tech and ecologically clean air balloon can take passengers up to 120 meters above the ground and allows to enjoy incredible panoramic views of Tallinn and Gulf of Finland. The ride lasts for about 15 minutes. This is the highest open outdoor platform in the centre of Tallinn.

The attraction works during the period from May till October (every day – from May till September and in October – only during weekends). The balloon works only during quiet and calm weather, when the visibility is more than 40 kilometers.

Near the air balloon you will find a shop with local souvenirs. In the shop you will also find a photographer who can organize a photosession for additional price. In addition, there is a restaurant Kalapala Resto. The restaurant focuses on offering quickly cooked seafood. Kalapala prefers using local Estonian products: every day restaurant offers fresh fish caught on the same day in Pärnu bay. Kalapala is opened during summertime and in September.