If you are looking for flowers to buy, there is no better place than Viru street. Flower Market om Viru street is the most central and popular place to buy flowers in Tallinn. A number of flower vendors is situated near the Viru Gates. Vendors are opened from early morning and till the deep night. Here you will find a large variety of fresh flowers: endless counters filled with roses of all colors, bouquets, arranged with bright blue and hot pink asters, seasonal flowers like lily of the valley and cornflowers, colorful peonies and handmade circlets of flowers and fir branches. During gradation days, Mother’s day and the 8th of March (Woman’s Day), Viru street becomes very crowded and counters with flowers become practically empty!

By the way, one of Estonia’s most notable actresses, Eve Kivi, was discovered right here at the Viru flower stands. She was calling out “Flowers, get your flowers here” and among the long line of men wanting to buy flowers there were two producers from St. Petersburg who later changed Eve Kivi’s life and helped her to become an actress of legendary Estonian films! So if you are an aspiring actor or actress then you might want to spend time around the bright flowers’ vendors. To add, if you fall madly in love in the middle of the night and want to surprise your newly found love with beautiful bouquets, Viru street is the place where you need to rush.