• Thai Rose Spa

Thai Rose Spa is an Oriental oasis offering a wide variety of massages, exclusive eastern SPA body treatments and a number of other beauty services. Thai massage, Thai aroma and oil massage, foot acupressure, Thai foot reflexology massage and other signature treatments are performed by specialists from Thailand. Spa is situated in the centre of Old Town, which makes it easy to reach. Thai Rose Spa is the place that will introduce Asian body care traditions and health philosophy on the highest level.

  • Day Spa

Day Spa is located in the heart of Tallinn’s Old Town. The spa offers a peaceful spot to to escape from the everyday routine and stresses. Day Spa mostly focuses on therapeutic stress reduction treatment with implementation of sea salts, seaweed, algae, plankton, essential oils and herbal extracts. In addition, spa offers separate treatments for men, half-day and full-day packages, consultations with specialists. Here you will find treatments at any taste: from anti-stress to anti-aging.

  • Sundãri Day Spa

Sundãri (a beautiful woman in Sanskrit) Day Spa is also located in the centre of Tallinn. When delivering treatments, Sundãri combines Ayurvedic principles based on an ancient eastern philosophy with the quality nature ingredients, delivering a holistic approach to wellness. Sundãri uses anti-aging skincare products created from the purest ingredients and rarest essences distilled from nature. The cozy spa with a calming interior offers around ten different facial treatments and a similar number of body treatments.

  • Kalev SPA Water Park

Located in the Old Town of Tallinn, Kalev Spa is one of the largest indoor water parks in Estonia. The water park consists of 8 lane 50-metre pool, a 25-metre pool, a children’s pool, a fantasy pool for toddlers, a large hot tub, cold water pool, a pearl bath and a flower bath. To add, there are also three slides, Finnish and steam sauna. Water Park has a gym, wellness centre, offering various relaxing and healing massages, and Health Care centre.

Kalev Spa Wellness Centre uses a unique and exclusive Kalahari product range. Each Kalahari Spa product includes a unique combination of natural essential oils and healing herbs. The Wellness Centre also offers popular health capsule. Health Centre offers personal consultations on beauty treatments, services of a nurse and a doctor, salt chamber treatments, various beauty injections and medical treatments. In addition, there are hairdresser’s services, manicure and pedicure services available.

  • Akwaba Spa

Akwaba Spa is the only place in Estonia that offers various massages and spa body treatments performed by specialist from Africa. The techniques is based on spiritual methods of knowledge and belief in health according to traditional African health philosophy. The spa offers 8 body treatments, 6 body wraps and 9 different massage types. These treatments are performed with the use of African aroma oils.

The African traditional massage is part of African traditional medicine system. The technique consists of acupressure and works with the body energy lines, thereby removing accumulated blocks and cellulite through a special method of pressuring certain points on the body. The treatment takes place on a special massage floor and is performed by a specialist from the Bété people.

  • Aloe Spa

Aloe Spa is a cozy day spa that offers a variety of treatments, starting from classic body treatments and ending up with permanent makeup. Aloe Spa also offers health cocoon treatments and unique body treatment with 24k gold.