Where to eat in Tallinn if you are a vegetarian or a vegan? There is a number of restaurants in Tallinn that are adding vegetarian dishes to their menus. Below you can find the list of such vegetarian-friendly places.

  • Vegan Restaurant V

While staying in our apartments, this place will be very convenient for you, as it is also located in the Old Town. The menu changes regularly, however their legendary vegan burgers and desserts are permanent fixtures. As the restaurant is quite popular, you should call and book a table in advance.

  • Lendav Taldrik

Lendav Taldrik (from Estonian – flying plate) is situated in Kalamaja district which was one a huge factory complex, but nowadays it’s a cultural hub with many good restaurants. Lendav Taldrik specializes in Asian food as well as vegetarian and vegan dishes.

  • Von Krahli Aed

This restaurant is also situated near our apartments on Rataskaevu Street with the AED (meaning garden from Estonian) sign. The place offers a good selection of fresh dishes. In addition, it offers a separate vegetarian menu.

  • NOP

NOP is located in the Kadriorg district. It’s just a few minutes from city centre. The restaurant specializes in creating fresh, organic dishes. Vegetarian and gluten-free dishes are marked on the menu. To add, NOP has its own organic shop.

  • Mamo

Mamo serves fresh fruit, salads, cereal and yoghurt for breakfast; falafel wraps, soups and cakes throughout the rest of the day. Although, Mamo is now entirely vegetarian place, it still strives to offer fresh and healthy dishes like chia pudding and soups.

  • Elevant

Located in the Old Town, this Indian restaurant has a whole section in the menu dedicated to vegetarian dishes. If you are staying in our apartments on Vene street, be sure to check out this restaurant as it is situated on the same street. If you like spicy food, lentils, Indian bread and a relaxed atmosphere, then you’ll definitely enjoy the Elevant cuisine. Moreover, the restaurant often offers a vegetarian curry as a lunch special, which means that you’ll save a few euros.