Undoubtedly, Birgitta Festival is one of the highlights of the Tallinn summer’s cultural calendar. Birgitta Festival with its long history has become one of the main cultural events of the summer. The high-level musical theatre festival, that has taken place since 2005, is also one of the most important musical theatre festivals in the Nordic and Baltic countries. The event takes place on 13.08-21.08.

The festival combines both, the dark charm of the medieval St Bridget’s Convent Ruins in Tallinn and the latest contemporary music theatre in all its variety and richness. Birgitta Festival pays great attention to the comfort of its audience. The guest of the festival will be surrounded by unique atmosphere: stone walls of a medieval monastery, torches burning a dim light and artists from all over the world.The seating area with almost 1,300 cushioned chairs and a slight upward slope will offer guests good visibility and high quality sound and lighting equipment will guarantee an enjoyable concert. The concert hall has been weatherproofed – the hall has a roof, and special window covers protect from wind. This festival has acquired a loyal audience who comes to Birgitta to look for new trends and sophisticated international musical theatre.