During 15.07.16 – 27.07.16 Estonian Maritime Museum and History Institute of Tallinn University present never before seen rare items and latest new discoveries about the Vikings’ Age in Estonia. The exhibition at the Fat Margaret’s Defence Tower highlights the importance of Estonia as a part of the North-European and Arabic trade route. Research shows that back in those days locals were heavily involved in the trading, thanks to what today there are many invaluable archaeological finds.

Estonian Maritime Museum, which presents history of ships and navigation in Estonia, is located in the historic tower – Fat Margaret.

Fat Margaret Tower and the attached Great Coastal Gate, two of Tallinn’s most impressive defensive structures, stand guard at the north end of Pikk street. They were built to defend the city from the seaward side of town and to impress any visitors arriving via the harbor.

Nowadays Fat Margaret’s tower works as an Estonian Maritime Museum, which provides a detailed look at the nation’s seafaring past by displaying Neolithic fishing gear, antique diving equipment, and even the 1950s-era wheelhouse. The extensive museum covers four floors of the historic tower.