Town Hall Pharmacy (Raeapteek in Estonian) is one of the oldest operating pharmacies in Europe. It was first mentioned in the town records in 1422. During medieval times the pharmacy sold a large variety of different medicine. To add, back then you could also buy ink, sealing-wax, gunpowder, paper, candles and tobacco. Moreover, the pharmacy was also a place where many important political or trade-related decisions were dealt with over a glass of Klaret (a sugared and spiced Rhine-wine).

Nowadays the pharmacy continues to function. You can even buy a bottle of Klaret in the Town Hall Pharmacy. To add, another part of the pharmacy building functions as a museum. Here you can find old medical instruments, herbs and pharmacy’s stocks from the period of 17th – 20th centuries. In addition, you can try various herbal tea blends which were picked up from local fields.