Freedom Square (Vabaduse Väljak in Estonian) is situated at the edge of Old Town. The square is a place of national symbolism and civic pride. In addition, it is a quite popular gathering spot. To add, Eurovision song contest and various sports’ competitions are translated here, on a big screen.

During periods of the Tsars and through Estonia’s first period of independence, Freedom Square was a place of parades. Now it’s a place to relax, filled with benches and cafés, and faced by two art galleries.The large pillar with the cross that dominates the west side of the square is one of square’s new features. This is the Monument to the War of Independence.

On the square you will also find St.John’s church. It is a three-naved church in neogothic style. The church was completed in 1867. Its altar painting, Calvary, was the work of academic and professor Karl Gottlieb Wenig. Its stained glass windows were designed by Eva-Aet Jänes.