This neighborhood is also known as the Hipsterville of Tallinn. Kalamaja is one of the fastest growing urban areas with new cafés, shops and galleries appearing up weekly. This historical district used to be a closed-off Soviet border zone, and there are still lots of reminders left in the neighbourhood today. This mix of old and new, trendy and old-fashioned, is what makes Kalamaja so interesting to discover. There’s an old prison that was in operation right up until 2005, and nowadays it’s open as a museum during the summer season. Only a few hundred metres away there’s the Seaplane Harbour – a maritime museum set up inside seaplane hangars. The core of Kalamaja is a complex of old warehouses and industrial buildings called Telliskivi Creative City. Numerous stylish cafés, bars and restaurants are situated there: F-Hoone, Frenchy, Pudel, Kukeke, Reval Cafe. You can also find small local design stores, eco stores, and a weekly flea market there.

Patarei Prison (situated in Kalamaja district)

Patarei Prison is opened from May to September. Originally built as a gun battery and a fortress in 1840, it looks as if it was abandoned decades ago, however, it was closed only in 200. Since then the prison remains virtually unchanged and is opened as a museum and multi-event facility. Within its walls you’ll find the prison bar serving cheap beer and snacks.

Seaplane Harbour (situated in Kalamaja district)

The museum is located inside the seaplane hangars. It is known to be the the first shell concrete structure ever built. At the moment museum combines new and old, land and sea. This unique Northen Europe maritime museum is really worth visiting as you can experience the naval life on three levels – above, below and on the water. Submarine Lembit, the Suur Tõll steam icebreaker, the Short Type 184 seaplane, and other lifesize exhibits allow you to test yourself and learn more about the sea in a fun and interactive way.

Kalma Sauna (situated in Kalamaja district)

The Kalma is the oldest public sauna in Tallinn, operating since 1928 and maintaining its real deal image with wood heating. It has public baths for both men and women. As an added bonus, the Kalma sauna is located in Kalamaja, a historic neighbourhood characterised by unique wooden houses, making it an ideal place for an afternoon stroll.