According to the legend, in one of the houses on the Rataskaevu street the devil himself held his wedding. The owner of that house had wasted away his wealth and saw no future for himself, for he was in great debts. One night a stranger entered the room asking the broke landlords permission to celebrate a wedding on the top floor of his house. In reward he promised the man all the riches. But he also gave a warning: no one would eavesdrop on the feast, otherwise it would cost the eavesdropper his life and the money. The landlord agreed. At the appointed night the guests started arriving at the door – you could hear them, but not see. Lights were lit up on the top floor window. Beautiful amd stunning music sounded and the whole house shook as if under the weight of great number of dancers. When the clock struck one, everything suddenly went quiet. The landlord was then expecting a fortune. Suddenly, his butler fell sick and before death, he revealed he had been eavesdropping on the devil’s wedding. Now, the room is said to be walled up and the window facing the street is painted on the wall.