One of the most popular is the story about Old Thomas (Vana Toomas in Estonian). Old Thomas is a weather vane on top of the tower, which has become one of the most popular symbols of Tallinn – as the city’s defender and guard. In 1530 a weather vane was put on top of the spire of Tallinn Town Hall, located in the Tallinn Old Town.

According to the legend, Thomas was a peasant boy who was excellent at archery. Once, when Tallinn’s Baltic German aristocratic elite arranged an archery contest, Thomas was the only one who hit with remarkable precision a wooden parrot on top of a pole. Even though he won the competition, he didn’t receive the prize because of his low status. Instead he was rewarded with a job as a town guard. Over time he became a strong soldier and was highly respected by people. Eventually, he became immortal in the form of a copper weather vane at the highest place, where he could watch over the citizens. Сitizens of Tallinn still believe that as long as Old Thomas is up there, looking after them, nothing bad will happen to the city.