A long time ago Tallinn was growing pretty slowly. all the inhabitants wanted Tallinn to be a big seaport, but the merchant ships would not come to Tallinn. Then someone got a very interesting idea: to build a church with a high tower and then ships would see the church from the open sea and would come to Tallinn with their goods. Only one craftsman applied for the job. However, he asked a very high price for his job – ten barrels of gold with one strange condition: if someone would find out his name, then he would work for free. Soon the church was almost finished. The citizens of Tallinn were getting more and more scared. Then they sent a spy to his wife and he overhead how she was singing to her baby: Sleep my baby, tomorrow our Olev is coming back and will bring us ten barrels of gold! The spy rushed back into the city. The craftsman was on the roof of the church, placing the cross. When the people started calling him: Hey, Olev! Make sure the cross is straight! When Olev heard his name he understood that he wouldn’t get gold! He let the cross go and fell to the ground. At the same moment his body turned into stone.