Take part in one of the most exiting events of the year – “Night of Museums 2016”.  On Saturday 14th May, Estonian museums will open their doors for visitors for a night of special events and exhibitions, celebrating the “Night of Museums” in Estonia for the eight year running. Each year the event runs under a different motto, this year’s theme is “Waves in the Night”. The goal of “Night of Museums” is to offer people chance to discover and rediscover cultural values on a special night.

The program of the “Night of Museums” has become more and more varied with each year and it is difficult to pick out the most exciting and special events. The “Night of Museums” makes it possible to discover a wide variety of perspectives on the topic due to the fact that there is a wide range of museums participating in the event. In addition to the sea waves there are fashion- and trend-, light- and soundwaves.

For tourists staying in our apartments, the program of the “Night of Museums” is always just a few steps away due to the fact that the majority of Tallinn centre museums are participating in this year’s event.

The museums participating in the program will open their doors from 6 pm to 11 pm and during this time the entrance will be free.