Estonian Maritime Museum is one of the most exciting European museums. It is located in former seaplane hangars which were constructed in 1916. These hangars (designed by a Danish company Christiani & Nielsen) are unique shell constructions made from concrete. The construction is known to be the first shell concrete structure ever built.

At the moment museum combines new and old, land and sea. This unique Northern Europe maritime museum is really worth visiting as you can experience the naval life on three levels – above, below and on the water. The exhibition portrays different types of ethnological boats, yachts and marine navigation exhibits like buoys. Submarine Lembit, the Suur Tõll steam icebreaker, the Short Type 184 seaplane, and other life-size exhibits allow you to test yourself and learn more about the sea in a fun and interactive way.

There’s a wonderful view overlooking the Port of Tallinn from the Seaplane Harbour.