Toompea Castle is a castle located on Toompea hill in the central part of Tallinn. An ancient stronghold site is in use since at least the 9th century.

The history of Toompea is the story of the rulers and conquerors of Tallinn, each of whom molded and reinforced the place to their own needs and according to their own taste. Today it houses the Parliament of Estonia.

The fortress consists of a number of towers, however, the most remarkable ones are the Tall Hermann and Fat Margaret. The blue, black and white Estonian national flag can be seen flying on top of the 45-metre Tall Hermann tower as the symbol of Estonia’s independence. Every day the national flag is raised and the national anthem is played at the time of sunrise; and lowered at the time of sunset.

The second tower, Fat Margaret, got its name due to her massive sizes. Fat Margaret’s Tower was built to protect the city from the seaside, but also to impress quests arriving by sea. Today, the Fat Margaret houses Estonian Maritime Museum.

The mentioned above towers are connected with a wonderful legend. During the ancient times there lived a daughter of a fisherman – Margaret and a peasant’s son – Hermann. They were in love with each other and had long walks around the city every evening. However, above them hung a curse – the lovers could see each other only until midnight. Once they did not manage to say goodbye to each other before the midnight. Both, Hermann and Margaret turned into two towers which were situated in opposite sides of the city.