Located few kilometers away from the city centre, Nõmme is a quiet, forested, district. The area got its name after the Baltic-German landowner, Nikolai von Glehn, who was known as a quite eccentric person. The district has number of attractions that are worth visiting. Some of them are listed below.

First of all, Glehn’s Castle which is situated about 2 km from the Nõmme centre. It is one of the most popular attractions. The medieval castle has several floors and plenty of rooms for various events such as training sessions, seminars and conferences. In addition, there is a large park near the castle. You will be surprised to find an enormous granite crocodile and a towering statue of Estonia’s mythical hero, Kalevipoeg in the park.

Those, who are into sports and healthy lifestyle, can to have a long walk or enjoy jogging in the Harku Forest Trail. This trail (8 kilometers long) passes through the Harku dunes, demonstrating many types of forest and bog. Among the 13 points of interest on the well-signposted trail is the Harku Manor and Park with its diverse flora. To add, you can have fun in the Nõmme Adventure Park where you can climb from tree to tree using a variety of clever rope-and-bridge set-ups.

Moreover, there is a number of picnic areas in Nõmme district. In addition, there is an outdoor pool in Nõmme Sports Centre, as well as skiing and skating facilities which are available during the winter period.